Check-in Challenges

Launch gamified experiences that drive destination awareness, build brand loyalty and boost impact.

Incentivize participants with rewards

Set unlimited numbers milestones with prizes and badges for checking-in at the places in your challenge. Upload your own badges or customize ours.

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Empower visitors with mobile-friendly maps

With responsive, location aware maps and a visually appealing design, Seeker Challenges are optimized for engagement and adoption.

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Watch it grow across your social channels

Designed for social sharing and organic growth, Challenges create buzz for your destination.

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Drive UGC with each check-in

Each time your visitors check-in, you'll gain new photos of the places in your challenges.

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Modern User Experience

Designed for anyone - from the novice to the social media savvy - Seeker Challenges will delight your visitors.

Fast to Deploy

Seeker's exceptional user experience makes launching challenges a breeze. No code or technical skills required.

Seamless Integration

Fully branded with a custom URL and integrated on your website. Featuring one click user registration with Facebook and Google.

Challenges + Seeker Collabs

Reach new audiences and amplify your Challenges by tapping into thousands of travel creators instantly through the Seeker Creator Network.

Need a little inspiration?

There are countless ways to make your destination stand out from the crowd with Seeker Check-in Challenges.

Wine and Cocktail Trails

Wine not? Highlight lesser known neighborhood bars and trendy spots featuring the best craft cocktails or locally grown wines.

Locally-owned Businesses

Today’s travelers are hyper aware of the importance of shopping locally. Create a challenge honoring locally-owned businesses in your community.

Public Art

Is your destination an IG playground? Feature murals, sculptures and other types of public art around town and encourage visitors to share photos.

History Tours

Every community has a story. Educate visitors about the roots of your destination with a history tour featuring businesses and landmarks from the past.

Taco Trails

Taco are quickly replacing the burger as America’s favorite food. Show off your favorite taquerias and Mexican food joints with a crowd-pleasing taco trail.

Beer Crawls

Celebrate the breweries and pubs in your community with a self-guided beer crawl featuring local faves and seasonal offerings.

Let's gamify your destination